Metro Exchange

Electronic trading and settlement on the Ethereum blockchain

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The future of electronic trading lives on the blockchain

Enterprise-grade Trading System

The Metro suite ships with an enterprise-grade trading interface that displays a searchable real-time copy of orders and trade history for ERC20 tokens. Unlike other offerings Metro runs natively on your desktop and not in a web browser, thus increasing security.

Decentralized Exchange

Metro acts as a relayer/decentralized exchange that collates orders for ERC20 tokens and settles trades on the blockchain. We do not hold any funds and makers and takers exchange tokens directly removing their need to trust a third party with their funds.

Built on the 0x Protocol

Metro is written from the ground up to follow the 0x protocol for decentralized exchanges. This makes it easy to plug-and-play the system into the network of decentralized exchanges that follow this same protocol.

Public Orderbook, On-chain Settlement

Metro maintains a publicly viewable online orderbook that lives off of the blockchain while verifying funds and handling settlements on the public blockchain (mainnet) with the option host your own private blockchain (Quorum).

Enterprise-grade Software Built with Enterprise-grade Tools

Metro is built for the enterprise on top of enterprise-ready open source software including but limited to OpenFin, Web3, Solidity, Truffle Suite, Node.js and Typescript.

The Metro Suite

Additional tools on the roadmap to be shipped along with the core Metro trading station.


An artifically intelligent trading assistant that is capable of identifying trading signals and backtesting trading strategies


An automated market maker that aims to provide liquidity to multiple decentralized exchanges. Simply write a strategy in Python and deploy to the network.


Host your own private blockchain with known clients leveraging the power of JPMorganChase's Quorum Ethereum blockchain technology.

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Metro is an idea that was conceived by a former financial analyst turned fintech engineer that has experience working across multiple asset classes including Fixed-income, Equities, Commodities and Foreign Exchange and has built production electronic trading software at some of the world's largest banks and hedge funds. If you would like to help with this initiative or would like to request a demo click the big green button below to get in touch.

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